Getting Real About Life, about Love, and about God

Friday, May 13, 2011

Sidewalk Prophets

I have a new music group that God has been using to inspire me lately. I saw them at Winterjam in January and I am hoping to get a chance to see them when they come to Bethany, MO in June for the Lifelight concert. Anyway the lyrics to their songs have been a wonderful source of meditation about what it means for me to follow Jesus. They have a way of helping me to think about what it means to be real about our love for God and our love for others. Today I thought I would share a couple of those lyrics that have been continually rolling around in my mind.

The first is a line from their song "You can have me".

If I saw You on the street
And You said come and follow me
But I had to give up everything
All I once held dear and all of my dreams
Would I love You enough to let go
Or would my love run dry
When You asked for my life
When did love become unmoving?
When did love become unconsuming?
Forgetting what the world has told me
Father of love, You can have me.

Love should move us and consume us. Do I love enough to let go of everything else and be consumed and moved by my love of God?

The next is from their song "Show me How To Love".

Passed by you today
Why is there a war between us?
Are you not my brother?
Are you not my sister?
Something’s got to change
Stood by you today
Why is there a wall between us?
Are you not my sister?
Are you not my brother?
Well something’s got to change
I confess that I’ve been blind
Open up this heart of mine
Show me how to love
Farther than this world I know
Take me where You want me to go
Show me how to love

Our love of God is revealed in our love of our others. There should not be hostility, hate, and walls between brothers and sisters in Christ. Something has to change. Our hearts have to change. Our love has to change to be the love of Jesus.

Some things to meditate on from the Sidewalk Prophets.

Love today.

In Christ's love and mine,

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I'm Back

I took a little time off after Easter from my daily posts. I felt like I needed to spend some devotional time with just me and God. Not that I mind sharing my personal devotions with whoever wants to read them on the world wide web, but I needed to just take a break from posting for a while and just be me and God. I hope you all understand. I did miss it.

Inspiration. I think that deep down inside each of us is a little voice that if we are quite enough and still enough we can hear crying out. That voice is saying"inspire me." We all want to be inspired. We want to be filled with a passion to do something bigger than ourselves. We want to be motivated to something that would seem impossible or to reach for something that seems unreachable.

This is why we seek out entertainment and why we read books and blogs. We all hope to catch some inspiration that changes us, moves us, motivates us, and compels us to experience life and and to live it abundantly. We want to be inspired. "Preacher give me a good word." "Coach tell me something powerful." Teacher blow my mind with something I don't know." "Inspire me."

The word inspire comes from the root word "in spirit." What we long for is to be filled with the Holy Spirit. We cry out to be filled with the Spirit in such a way that we are moved and motivated to do something that seems impossible on our own. We long to be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit to compel us and change us. We can cry out to people for this but they can not really inspire us because what we need can only come from the Spirit. It can only come from God. Only God can truly inspire us. The good news is that this is exactly what God does. He says he will put his Spirit in us. He promise to give us His Spirit to comfort us, lead us, fill us, change us, and inspire us. Cry out to God. Say, "God Inspire Me."

Love today.

In Christ's love and mine,