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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Nursing Injuries

This past week as I have been taking care of sick kids I have also been nursing a nagging knee injury.  I have been training to run a marathon in April.  It was a goal of mine to run a marathon when I was 40.  I am running  out of time to reach that goal.  The last time I was training I injured myself playing softball and missed that race.

Okay.  I can hear all of you saying it, "maybe, I am too old for this stuff."  I am not too old I just need to take care of myself.  I am not a teenager any more.  I can't recover like I did in my twenties, but I can still do things. That is why I am training and it is why I am taking special care this time to take care of myself.

This has me thinking about how often we neglect taking care of ourselves spiritually.  We get a few bumps and bruises and if we don't stop and really care for the bumps and bruises before you know it we are missing out on the things we really want to do.  We want a deep, committed, real and authentic relationship with Christ.  We want to love and live like Jesus.  Yet, the stuff of life comes in and cripples us from doing that.  The problem is not the troubles of life.  Jesus says in this world we will have troubles.  The problem comes when we don't treat our hurts and hangups.  We get our feelings hurt or we do something that we wish we had not.  Instead of stopping to care for the pain that it has caused us spiritually we ignore it.  We have a relationship with a brother or sister that is fractured and we ignore it and don't care for the pain that it is doing to us and it drags us away from what we really want and effects our relationship with God.  We cant say that we love God and not love our brothers and sisters.  We want to live in relationship with God yet we continue to do things that we know are not Godly. Instead of working on our behavior that is unhealthy for us we try to do more "good" things yet the unhealthy behavior is dragging us away from what we want.  We need to stop and care for the hurt because it is effecting our relationship with God.  If we ignore it or try to cover it with a mask it will rob us of what we truly want. We have to really are for our hurts and hang

When our hearts are hurt it is hard to love.  We have to take care of our hearts.  When we are spiritually empty  we are not being led by the Spirit.  We have to take care of the bumps and bruises that we get along life's road because if we don't it will keep us from what we really hope for.  Don't let things fester.   Do what you got to do as soon as you can so that you can heal and be whole.  When we do this we understand more fully what grace is and we understand more fully the power of the resurrection for our lives.  We grow to be more like Jesus.

I am going to finish the race.  This means that I will take care of  my injuries along the way and not ignore them.

Love today.

In Christ's love and mine,


Mrs White said...

Oh Wow! I absolutely loved this post. It spoke to me in so many ways. First, I recently started running a couple years ago and am scheduled to run a 10K race in April myself. Working towards a half marathon for maybe next year. Second, God is working on me continuously in terms of forgiving those who have hurt me and healing my hurt. I've been through soo much and God has helped me with it all and continues. However, when you mentioned a fractured relationship with a sibling that hit me too because I have two fractured relationships that are very different yet similar. I often wonder if there is something I am doing wrong by leaving those relationships alone to maintain my joy and peace. After all, it takes two right? At the same time, I have found so much joy and peace without those people in my life. I wonder if there is something that I am supposed to do, or if there is something that the other person is supposed to do. Right now, I'm leaving it with God and I will continue to pray on it. In the meantime, i'm going to keep moving. I don't want to ignore my injuries and not take care of them, but I also think that some injuries definitely need God's intervention to heal and while I wait for that...I am well enough to keep running because God is still with me with others that love me cheering me on!!

rsctt603 said...

Thank you for causing us to think...amen.