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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Hot Topics

The Hot Topics have been chosen and the series has been put together.  We are going to spend some time seeking biblical answers and perspectives on these tough issues.

July 26 – Ground Rules – Use/Misuse of the Bible & FAQ’s
Topics included: Reliability of the Bible, Biblical Inspiration and interpretation.  Biblical worldviews and other worldviews and what to do when they don’t agree?
August 2 - Talking to and hearing from God
Topics included: Discerning God’s voice, Speaking in tongues, prayer  
August 9 – Racism, Sexism and other ism’s
Topics included: Racism, Sexism, Class-ism, Us and them vs a we mentality
August 16 – God, Sex and Sexuality
Topics included: Is sex God’s idea?, Pre-marital sex, homosexuality, sexual identity
August 23 – Marriage
Topics included: Same sex marriage, Christian Marriage & Legal Marriage, Polygamy, Monogamy
August 30 – Can Christian’s Divorce?  Can Christians Remarry?
Topics included: How does God feel about divorce?, divorce, adultery, remarriage.

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