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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Epiphany + 1

Yesterday was Epiphany. It is the day that we recognize the Magi coming from the east following a star to bow down and worship Jesus. It marks the end of the Christmas season but it doesn't mean that God has stopped putting stars in our world to lead people to him. I talked about this on Sunday at church and how I think that you and I are those stars. You are a star that God has placed in this world to shine for Jesus.

Since, I got snowed in, literally and physically, yesterday I did not get to make this post on Epiphany or share the song that I wanted to share with all of you about shinning for Jesus.

So here is Epiphany +1.

Shine today.

Love Today.

In Christ's love and mine,

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3daughterdaddy said...

The Last time I took a youth group to Acquire the Fire, we sang this song all weekend. It was an amazing thing to see 10,000 kids pumping their fists and jumping while sing "WE...ARE...THE...RE...DEEMED...."

When I found out who wrote the song I was like "Steve Fee, I've never even met you, but you are now my hero...."

thanks for posting