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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Take a day off

Yesterday I did something that I had not done for a long time.  This is a confession moment for me.  I have not been taking a day off. I say that Monday's are my day off but each week it seemed that I found myself working on that day.  There were things that I felt had to be done.  There was ministry that I had to take care of.  What was happening to me however, as I failed to take the proper time away and time off, was I was being drained of energy.  I was beginning to take on the hurts and the pains of everyone that I was ministering with.  I was getting drained day after day and I was not stopping to be still and know that God was God. 

Someone told me that in the work of the Kingdom there are no days off.  But, I realized that if I didn't take a day off I was not going to be any good for the Kingdom.  I needed to unplug and reconnect to God and have Him do some Kingdom work in me.  God was making this very clear to me and so I made sure that yesterday I took my day off.  I turned off my phone.  It seems that some days all I do is go from phone call to phone call.  Many people complain that they cant reach me on my phone and it usually because I am on it. I avoided text messaging and email and opted for face to face communication.  I took my wife to lunch and I did something around the house I wanted to do for my children.  I rested in God's presence and that God was in control, not me.

Here is what happened my in box for my cell phone messages got full.  I got 67 emails. Life still happened.  Nothing fell apart.  The world did not stop because I did.  Somethings waited for today.  Somethings where fixed without me.  I did not stress or worry.  I felt the Spirit renewing me and gently humbling me to my place in the universe as a creation of the creator.

I am going to try to be much more disciplined about my day off and my Sabbath (this is topic of another post but these are two different things).  I have to be if I want to be any good for the work of the Kingdom.  I can't get caught up thinking that the world cant do without me.  The truth is they did before me and they will after me.  I need to connect with God so that I can make the most of the time that I have to do the work of the Kingdom.   If people need to reach you they will and they can.

Love today.

In Christ's love and mine,

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