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Friday, April 27, 2012


I am preaching on blessing during a two week series.  Last week we looked at how we very often misunderstand God's blessings as worldly ideas of wealth, health and success.  It is true that all good and perfect gifts come from God.  However, to be blessed by God and having God show us his favor is not measured by our worldly wealth or the state,of our current health, or whether we seem successful or not.  Paul may not have seemed very successful while chained to a prison guard without a two nickles to rub together, but he was blessed by God.  He could rejoice in the Lord because of his great blessings.

Jesus says we will be blessed by God and that means that we will have a place in His kingdom.  He will comfort us.  He will show us mercy.  He will give a life and a place on this earth-- he will be our shelter, shield, and provider.  We will see him in our lives because he will be with us in all our situations.  He says we are blessed because God calls us his children.  We are blessed beyond earthly measure.  We are blessed because we have Jesus who is our blessing.

Thank you God for loving and blessing me by showing me your favor.  Thank you for calling me your child and giving me a place in your kingdom.  Thank you for your daily provisions for me and for your comfort and mercy.  Thank you that I can see you face to face and that through my day today I will see you.

Love today.

In Christ's love and mine,


Evert Heskes said...

Very good article. So important to measure our blessings by what God has done and is doing for us and not to look at temporary monetary blessings.


Alena Kurbatova said...

ОТличный блог! Заходите в гости!