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Thursday, July 8, 2010

God is watching

I can remember as a kid being told "God is watching you" and thinking that meant he was watching and waiting for my mistakes and when I made a mistake he was going to punish me for what I did so, i better be careful about what I did. I realize today that this is a warped understanding of God however, it is not an uncommon view of God. Too often people see God as this guy in the sky watching us and taking note of all the bad things we do. Sort of making a naughty and nice list. He will bless us when we are good and punish us when we are bad. This is not the God that I have come to know and experience in my life.

I have discovered that God is watching me but it is not in a way to grade my every step and decide whether I should be punished or not. God is watching me, and you, like I look at my children when they are asleep. Sometimes I will just look at them and be overcome with how much I love them. I am amazed at there beauty and their character. I am overwhelmed with a deep since of love for my child as I just gaze at them. My heart swells as I look at them and I cant believe that it is even possible to love another the way that I love them. I am overcome with gratitude and thankfulness that they are my children.

When God looks upon you, and he is at this very moment, he looks on you with eyes of love not eyes of condemnation. God is watching you right now because he loves you. God is watching you not to score your behavior but because you are his child and he is watching over you and out for you. Right now, the God of the universe, the one whose hands formed the mountains and placed the stars in the sky, is looking at you with because he is so in love with you. You are his child and he loves to just watch you sleep. He delights in you.

Love today.

In Christ's love and mine,

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