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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Decision Making

I am trying to make a decision about having our Wednesday evening activities or cancelling them. I will admit, I don't like having to make this decision. Sometimes it is so difficult to make decisions. We fear we will make the wrong decision and others will laugh at us or tell us that we made the wrong decision. We fear that we will make the wrong decision and then we will be left to deal with the consequences and the fall out of making the wrong decision. Sometimes, we just get crippled by having to make decisions and we just freeze up. All this from me thinking about if the roads are too bad for people to travel to church. You all must think I am nuts.

How do you make decision. Each decision that we make is really an opportunity to be led by God in a real way. We can take each decision to God. We can listen for his still small voice. We can allow the Spirit to lead us in our decisions if we are tuned into the Spirit. We must pray about the decision we make. Even the ones we think seem insignificant. What would Jesus do if faced with the decision we are faced with? I believe this is a very real way that we follow Jesus with our lives. When we know what Jesus would do with the decisions that we have to make and choice to do that and not what we would do then we are following Jesus.

I still don't know about church tonight. But, I am seeking God direction on this decision.

Love today.

In Christ's love and mine,

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The Church Lady said...

Hope you had service tomight, during tough times some people feel better if they could just make it to the Church. "If only I could just touch the heem of his garment....."

Keep loving people Pastor.. God will be pleased, your concerns are all out of love.