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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What do you do?

Do you ever have those moments when you feel like you need to connect to God and you need to do it right now. Moments where you want to, need to, draw close to God and be inspired, or encouraged, or comforted, or just be in the presence of God. Maybe it is in a time of turmoil, or a time of tragedy? Maybe it is a time of celebration or a time of joy? Maybe it is just a moment that you recognize that you have strayed away and you are disconnected from God.

What do you do? How do you reconnect? What is you way of getting connected to God most easily?

For me, it is worship and nature. In those moments, and yes we all have them, when I need to withdrawal to a place and seek God it seems that if I will just worship, put on some music and praise God and meditate on his word, I can reconnect quite easily. I also have discovered that if I will get out in nature I can't help but be drawn into an awareness of God and to place where I can listen for his still small voice.

There are other ways we can do this. Traditionally they have been called spiritual disciplines. Solitude, fasting, spending time with others, participating in the sacrament of communion, scripture meditation are other means that we can use to reconnect with God. The important thing that I am thinking about today is that we know and understand what works for us and in those moments that we need to get to God and we need to do it right now we can do those things. So, what do you do?

Are you right now in one of those "dark nights of the soul" and in need to know that God is there and listening o your cries? Take confidence in knowing that God promises to never leave you us or forsake. Even if he seems to us to be far off, and we feel disconnected he us with us. Do the simple things that have helped you to encounter God previously. Don't avoid the things that can help you connect to God. He tells us that if we seek him we will find him, if we seek with all our heart. God has not left us. We can reconnect. He is there find the way way that you can connect and seek, seek, seek.

I would love to hear what others do in those moments. Maybe your sharing might help someone else connect to God in one of those moments of need.

Love today.

In Christ's love and mine,

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