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Friday, September 2, 2011

More Inspiration from Music

I am currently wearing out a CD from Sidewalk Prophets.  Every moment that I spend in my car here lately seems to place them as the background music of my life.  I enjoy listening to their music because it makes me think and reflect on whether I am living for Jesus or I am living for myself/ playing church.  It is good to have something that constantly directs your thoughts in the direction of God.  Music does that for me.  So, I have been listening a lot lately and taking an inventory of my life, my motivations, and my actions.

The song that has really been speaking to me is called "You Can Have Me."  It begins by asking the question, "If Jesus was to walk up to me on the street right now and ask me to follow him would I really let go of my life and follow him?"

"Do I love him enough to let go?"

Is my love for Jesus the type of love that consumes me?  Is it all that I want?  Is he on my mind all the time?  Do I want to make him smile?  Since I met my wife and fell in love with her, my love for her consumes me.  I want to make her happy.  I want to spend my life with her.  I want to please her.  It is an all consuming that moves me to live out that love in my life as her husband.  The same is true for Jesus.  My love for Jesus should consume me.  Love is not really love if it doesn't consume us.   Jesus says love lays down it's life for the other.  Love is not really love if it doesn't move us to live in a new way, out of the love that we have.  Love moves us.

So, does our love for Jesus move and consume us?  I pray that mine does.  I pray each day that I become more consumed by my love for Jesus and surrender more fully to Him and the life he has for me.  He can have me!  It is worth it!  To give up my life for Christ's sake is to gain!  That is what the scripture says.   And that is what we discover when we let go and let him have our lives and our consumed by his love for us and our love for him.

Love today.

In Christ's love and mine,

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