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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Moving Stones

"Who will move the stone away?"

That is the question that the ladies asked as they made their way to Jesus's tomb that first Easter morning. "Who will roll the stone away so that we can see Jesus?"

I have been thinking about stones. Stones are things that block us from getting to Jesus. Stones are things that we need others to help us with so that we can get to Jesus.

On Easter morning it was angels and an earthquake that moved the stone away for the women to discover that Jesus was alive. When they got to the tomb the question that they had pondered on the way had already been answered and the stone had been moved.

I think that God is looking for stone movers. People who will move the stones that are getting in the way of people being able to get to Jesus.

These stones are things like poverty and hunger. These stones are things like fear, guilt, and shame. These stones are things like poor drinking water, injustice and oppression. These stones are anything that keep another from being able to experience the love and grace of Christ. Our attitudes, our love, our judgment can be stones. There are all kinds of stones in our world that need to be moved and they are stones that have many people wondering, "who will move the stone away." They can't move the stone but others can. God can. He still moves stones. And God uses people like you and me to be stone movers for others.

I need to think my wife, Nicole, for this post. She is who moved a stone so that I could see this part of the Easter message and it has been messing with me ever since. What are the stones that God is calling you to move. Are there obstacles that seem to be in the way of you fully encountering Jesus or getting to where God is calling you to go? Can you see where there are things keeping people from encountering the Risen Lord. Maybe it is time to move the stone? Maybe God is calling you to move that stone for somebody else so that they can see Jesus?

The stones that we can move we need to move for Christ's sake.

Be a stone mover.

Love today.

In Christ's love and mine,

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