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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Thanks Sis!

Bill Hybels wrote a book titled "To Busy Not To Pray." Over the past several weeks I have gotten extremely busy. Well, it has been a couple months really. I have gotten very busy and one of the things that has been neglected is this blog. Now, I am not saying that this is any way equivalent to entering into God's presence, listening for him to speak, and speaking to God. But, I have been reminded of Hybels' book again.

The busier we get the more that we need to make sure that we are taking time to be with God. The busier we get the more we need to slow down and communicate with God. The more we need to stop and listen. The more we need to reach out and reach for God.

This blog has always been, for me, a vehicle to get me to stop and listen. It is not about the readers as much as it is about me being intentional about connecting to God. The habit of writing daily on the blog reinforces the habits of prayer, scripture reading, worship and fellowship. If it is possible to get so busy that I allow that habit of blog writing to slip, is it possible to get so busy that I let the other, more substantial habits, slip as well? Discipline is tough.

I am thankful that my sister sent me a little email today and told me she missed my blogs. I was missing writing them and wondered if anyone noticed I had not written any lately. I am thankful that she nudged me to reflect on my busyness and my need for God.

How about you? Are you allowing busyness to crowd out time with God? Have you let some habits slip that you want to, or need to, pick up again?

Is there someone that God might be nudging you to encourage today like my sister did me? Make the phone call. Send the email. Say a prayer.

Love today.

In Christ's love and mine,

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Chet and Lisa said...

Noticed?? Yes I noticed. I check back often to see if you've blogged or not.

Thanks for taking the time to post a blog for those of us who look forward to reading it.

Lisa G