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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What are you willing to do?

Paul, in one of his letters, writes that "if he is a fool, he is a fool for Jesus." If I am going to be a fool than a pray that I am a fool for Jesus. During vacation bible school I made a deal with the kids that if they would bring other friends to VBS that I would break dance for them. I was basically saying that I would make a fool out of myself for the sake of sharing God's love with more children. I sometimes forget that I am 39 years old and that break dancing was something that I did when I was in junior high. But, I wanted to encourage the kids to share Jesus with their friends. And they did. So, break dance I did.

This got me thinking about what we are willing to do for Christ sake. Are we willing to be thought of as a fool for Jesus. Are we willing to be ridiculed, mocked, even hated for the sake of Jesus? Are we willing to risk getting rejected, or failure, or accolades to make the love of Jesus real in someones life? What will you do to live the love of Jesus? What are we willing to do? Will we stop playing church? Will we stop pretending that we have all the answers? Will we take off our mask so that others can see what Jesus means to us? Will we love the people that Jesus loves? Will we sacrifice for others like Jesus does? Will we go and do what Jesus calls us to go and do? Will we trust God more than we trust ourselves? Will we give him everything?

How far are we willing to go so that others can know Jesus? How deep will we love? How foolish will we be for Jesus.

Love today?

In Christ's love and mine,

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