Getting Real About Life, about Love, and about God

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Why do we allow the wrong things to define who we are in life? There is only one thing that should define us in life and that is the creator and giver of our life. God is what should define us. However, it seems that we try to be defined by other things. We let the words of others define us rather than the word of God. But, I am/ YOU, are who God says we are. You are his precious child. You have been formed by God, just the way that you are in you mothers womb, and you are his beloved. God loves you because you are you and you are his. God will never stop loving you. God has a plan for you.

Here is the heartbreaking thing for me. Everyday I speak to people who think that are stuck in a definition that someone else has given them. A parent, a spouse, a past relationship, someone has come along and told them that they are something other than what God says they are and they have let that define them. Others have allowed past mistakes, or addictions, or behaviors to define who they are and they say, "this is me, I am my mistakes, my addictions, my behavior, or my diagnosis." It is not true. You are who God says you are. And God does not define us in those ways. Others give themselves a definition or seek to be defined by someone else or something else. They define themselves by their jobs or by their relationship.
God loves you as you and for who you are. God does need you to have a certain job or need you to be someones spouse or significant other. God loves you. You are his beloved. You are his handy work.

What is it that defines who you are? Are you letting the words of others, your job, a relationship or non-relationship, or your past define you? In what do you have your identity? That stuff and those things do not make you who you are. God does. You are who God says you are. If we will stop letting other things define us and allow God to define us we will become what God says we are. It is time for us to be really honest with ourselves and with God about letting him and Him alone define who we are. Today might be a day to get undefined by the other stuff and redefined by God.

You are loved by God and by me.

Love today.

In Christ's love and mine,

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