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Friday, February 7, 2014

Free Will TGIF

I am a big fan of free will. I like my choices. I like that I am able to make my own decisions. I like that I have the choice and I am responsible for right and wrong in my life.
Most of all what I like about free will is what it tells me about God and his love for all of us. You see without free will we would not know what love is. Without the ability for us to choose not to love God we would never know what it means to love and be loved by God. In fact we would not know what love is at all. 
You see God does not want us to have some false, forced, or manipulated love. He wants us to know true, deep, meaningful, heart moving love.  
So, instead of creating a creation that is programmed to love him he gives us free will. Because he loves us and wants us to know love.

Thank God it's Friday!

In Christ's' love and mine,

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