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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Love is not rude

I remember growing up being told "don't be rude."  This usually was when I had interrupted someone or my body made inappropriate noises. As I grew older I begin to see that rudeness was about more than noises or just social norms.  My parents and teachers where helping me to honor others. When we cut in and talk over someone it inadvertently says "what I have to say is more important than what you are saying."  When we are inappropriate in our action and behavior around others we are saying "we don't care what they think." 

Rudeness is dishonoring others. It is a lack of respect for others.  It is a disregard for the value of another individual. All for the sake of self. 

Love does not do that. Love honors. Love respects. Love values others. Love is not rude. 

Love lifts up and elevates others. It understands that everyone is of great value and worth and treats everyone accordingly. It thinks of others feelings and cares about how others are effected. Love is not rude. 

Love does more than be polite or show good manors.   It values, honors and respects others.  It is not rude. 

In Christ's love and mine,

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