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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fill up

Does your spiritual tank ever get empty? It would be nice if we had a gauge like our car does? It would be great if lights would flash and bells would ding. However, we are not that lucky. The fact is our spiritual tanks can get drained and too often it is too late and we either stall out or are on fumes before we recognizer the condition of our souls.

How is your soul? That is a question we need to ask during lent. Lent is a time to check the tank. Are you empty? God wishes to continually pour out his Spirit into our lives but what happens is we get unconnected from the source. We get our tanks full and then speed off. We go through life and as the stuff of life happens we start leaking Spirit. We struggle with issues at work and a little Spirit leaks out. We struggle with stuff at home and a little leaks out. We help a friend through a rough patch and we share a little of our Spirit with them. Are children cause us to worry and a little more leaks out. Winter drags on and a little more leaks out. Before long, if we are not returning to the source to be filled up again it all leaks out. The Spirit that you received when you gave your life to Christ is not all that you get. Jesus told a women one time that the water that he gives will be like a spring of water that wells up within us and will never run dry. It flows through us. We are to be rivers not ponds.

So, what are you doing this Lent to connect you to the source and get your tank filled? Are you thirsty? Dry? Empty? Get to Jesus. Consider this your bell and flashing light. The Lord wants to fill you with His Spirit just go to Him. Pray. Worship. Give thanks. Meditate on His Word. Spend time with friends who inspire you and point you to Jesus. Love.

Love today.

In Christ's love and mine,

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