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Thursday, October 7, 2010


We live in a world full of choices. In the United States, we are given multiple option to just about everything everyday. We often take our ability to have choices for granted.

As I was thinking about the choices that we face everyday and how we have to choose God and to live for God everyday, I was drawn to an interesting contradiction that I have when it comes to choice.

First, I love the ability to choice. Free will rocks. I am grateful and thankful for my free will and my ability to choice. I value that I can choose and I live in a part of the world that affords me may option to choose from. I love that I get to choose and that I get to do that for myself. I think that we are probably all in agreement with this. We love that we have choices. In fact it is hard for us when it seems we have no choice in a matter.

Here is the interesting contradiction. At times, I am crippled by choice. At times I am just overwhelmed by the options. Fear of making the wrong choice rears its ugly head and I just do not want to choice. I struggle with making choices and to not make a choice is still a choice. I feel it would be easier if somebody else just made the choice for me.

It is a strange contradiction isn't it? We love choice and we are crippled because we have to choice. We value our free will and will fight for our freedom to choose yet we are afraid to make a choice.

The good news is that God knows us contradictions and all. And He loves us. The choice that is most important, each and everyday, is the choice to love him in return. Everyday.

Love today.

In Christ's love and mine,

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