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Friday, October 22, 2010


Thank you Lord!
Thank you Lord!
I just want to thank you Lord!

This week at Dockery we are going to begin a month long focus on living lives that are a response to God's grace, gratitude and generosity. It is not a phrase or word that is original to me, but we are going to talk about "Thanksliving." What is the response that we should have to the love and grace of God? How do I as a follower of Jesus reflect the generosity of God in my life? How do I live in such a way that I give thanks to God not just one day a year but every moment of my live? This is Thanksliving.

Thanksliving is not a first act but a second act. What I mean by this is that God always acts first and we respond, as a second act, to what God has done. Our lives, what we do and how we live them, are a response to God giving us life. A response to God's grace. A response to God generosity. Thank God it everyday! This day is God's gift to us. Will we live it with grace, gratitude and generosity?

Love today.

In Christ's love and mine,

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