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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Time Flies

You have probably heard it said, "Time flies when you are having fun." The truth is that time just flies. It doesn't matter if you are having fun or not. It seems like just yesterday my 12 year old was born. My baby is already over 2. Time flies.

If we are not careful and conscious and make the most of everyday, days become weeks, weeks become months and months become years. Time flies. All week I have been intending on making a post and here it is Thursday and I have yet to make a weekday post for my blog. Monday became Tuesday, Tuesday became Wednesday, Wednesday became Thursday. Even though I had intentions of doing it time got away from me.

This just illustrates for me how easy it is for us to let things slip away. Even things that we want to and intend to do. I think this is why we see people disappear from the church. Their intention is not to leave the church. They miss. They intend to return. But, time flies. What was one week becomes two and then three and then the next thing they know it has been months or years. In their minds they every intention of getting back connected to their faith community and their relationship with God but time flies. This happens with spiritual disciplines as well, we have every good intention but if we are not careful time will fly and get away from us.

Not doing something can also become a habit. They say it takes 21 -30 days to make a habit. If we don't do something for that long it becomes a habit that we don't do it. Time flies.

Now, I am not making or giving you and me an excuse this is a caution or a warning. A warning about putting things off till tomorrow. A caution about letting things slip away. We have to be intentional or it could have some very unwanted unintentional consequences.

Do that thing today that you have been intending to do for some time. Stop putting off your relationship with God.

Love today.

In Christ's love and mine,

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