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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Lenten Reflection #39: Saturday

The Saturday before the first Easter, must have been the worst for Jesus followers. We are fortunate to know the rest of the story. Although, Jesus had tried to tell them what was going to happen and what the final outcome would be, his followers did not understand and they did not think an Easter was possible. 

His followers, the best we can make out from the Gospels, gave up hope, where scared and confused. 

Hopeless, scared, confused...this is life on Saturday. No Easter just the shadow of the cross and Jesus in the tomb.  

I am grateful that I know how the story ends. I am thankful that Good Friday is not the end of the story. We are not stuck in the darkness, fear, confusion and hoplessness. 
Sadly, many of us today who find ourselves on this side of Easter, live like it is Saturday.  We live like Christ is still in the tomb. We live defeated rather than claiming the victory that had been won for us. We live without hope. We are scared and afraid.

Hang on Easter is right around the corner. Stop living on Saturday. Live as Easter people. Christ is alive and he is with us everyday of the week. The power of the resurrection, the one who is the resurrection is our hope. He has won the victory for you and me. We don't need to live in fear.  We are Easter people. 

Are you living in Sarurday or are you living by the power of the Risen Lord. 

Love Today. 

In Christ's love and mine,

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