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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

We Can Pray

About 16 years or so ago I was in a bible study with some friends and we where talking about things that were troubling us.  I don't remember the exact issue that we were discussing but I can remember a life lesson that came from the conversation.  There was a very wise lady in the group.  She was mostly quite and listened but when she did speak it was always very deep and profound.  When she spoke it was a good idea to listen.

I remember that in our discussion, I answered with " well, we can pray."  She instantly followed with "we CAN pray."  It is not, when all else fails, we can pray.  It is not when we feel like there is  nothing we can do then we can pray.  The truth is we CAN pray.

What an awesome and amazing privilege we have.  God hears us when we pray.  The all-powerful, all-knowing, all loving God of the universe listens to us, cares about our hurts, and works in our lives and our situations.  He says, "ask".  We CAN pray.  There is power in prayer.  Prayer should be our first resort.  We should give thanks and praise because we can pray.  To offer to pray for someone is to place them in the hands of the almighty.  To pray for someone is to tap into the power of God for them.  When someone prays for you they are doing the most powerful thing that they can do.  When we pray for one another we are doing the most loving and powerful thing that we can do for them.  Sure they need us to stand with them in their difficulties. We should cry with them and help them.  We should walk with them through the storm.  All are good things and powerful.  But, the most powerful and life-changing thing we can do is pray.  We CAN Pray.  Thank you God.

Love today.

In Christ's love and mine,

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