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Friday, July 24, 2009

Thank God it's Friday!

This week is pre-VBS week. That means that I have been going 100 miles an hour getting sets made and decorating for VBS along with the usually ministry things to do. Needless to say my blogging has been interrupted. Pardon the interruption, please.

No matter how long or how busy the week gets there is never not enough time to give thanks. I am thankful for an opportunity for our church to have an impact on our community and on the kids of the area through vacation Bible school. I am thankful for the people who put in the long hours and the hard work because they want love others in this way. Next week is going to be a great week!

All week I have been thanking God for grace. Grace that forgives. Grace that heals. Grace that makes whole. Grace that loves when it is hard to love. Grace that holds us when we are unsteady. Grace that picks us up when we fall. Grace that strengthens us when we are week. Grace that is sufficient for all of our needs.

Thank you God!

Love today.

In Christ's love and mine,

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