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Saturday, July 4, 2009

What if?

Independence Day.

I woke on this July 4th morning thinking about our need for God and for one another. What if Independence is one of those fake rabits that we chase after in life? What if Independence leads us further from God and from what is really living?

I have become convinced that independence is not what I should be declaring if I want to live out and live in relationship with Jesus. It is dependence. The secret to Kingdom living is dependence on God and not on ourselves. When we understand our need for God and for each other; when we help others and give what we have so that those that don't have can have as well, than real freedom comes.

When we let go of control and depend on God this is when I experience the freedom of Christ.

Dependence. What if God's plan for freedom in our world, to end world hunger, to end war, to end all the "isms", is for us to stop declaring our independence and recognize and profess our dependence. To declare our common "needyness" What if?

Have a safe and joyful 4th!

Declare your Dependence!

Love today.

In Christ's love and mine,

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