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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Today is my six year old daughter Delaney's birthday. My emotions run from pure excitement and joy to sadness and wonder about where the time has gone. It has gone by so quickly. Last night we looked at a few pictures of Delaney when she was 2 or 3. She is now 6! Bright, funny, playful, energetic, loving and beautiful 6!

For me, at times, she is growing up too quickly. I wish, as I watch my children grow, that i could slow it down and savor every minute. I wish that I could keep them young and innocent. But, I cant change time. (Someone wrote that in a song I think?) What I can do is enjoy it while I got it. I can take in the joy and the excitement. I can experience the moment. Too often we just let time pass by without experiencing all that God has for us in this gift we call life. Without experiencing the precious gift of relationships that we have. And without experiencing the joy. Instead we are in a hurry to get to the weekend, or the summer, or next year, or pay day, or the end of the month. We long for our next birthday, or make plans to make plans some time in the future. And as the old comic book artist would write...MEANWHILE.

We can't change time. We can't make it go slower. It will always be 60 seconds to a minute, 60 minutes to an hour, and 24 hours to a day. But we can slow down and experience the moments. We can slow down and take in the gifts all around us. We can slow down and encounter God. We can slow down and invest in relationships. One of my favorite sayings, and I am not sure where it comes from, is, "it takes a lot of slow to grow." If we want to grow in our relationships with God and each other we need to slow down and experience, enjoy and invest in them.

Delaney is growing older. So am I. We are all. Her birthday is a reminder to slow down and experience life, love, and God. Slow down and love. We can't do that in a hurry. It takes a lot of slow to grow in our relationship with God and each other. Take time for God and for others so that we can all grow deeper and closer to God. Each day is a new beginning. A re-birthday.

Happy Birthday Delaney!

Love today.

In Christ's love and mine,

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