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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

God is there

I was thinking this morning of the story about the man that gets trapped in a flood. As the story goes, this guy is a faithful man who trust in God to rescue him. As the water rises he prays trusting that God will save him from the rising water. The man climbs out a window and up onto his roof as the water rises, still praying for God to rescue him and trusting that God will. Another man comes by in a raft and invites the God trusting man to get into the raft. He tells the raft pilot that God will rescue him and that he can go on. The water continues to rise.

After a while longer someone comes by the house, whose roof is all that is above the floodwater now, they are in a boat and ask the man to get in and they will take him to safety. The man explains to the person in the boat how he has been praying and that he trust that God will rescue him from the flood. He thinks the person in the boat for checking and sends them on there way.

Some time later the man is now forced to the peak of his roof and he is unable to stay out of the water because, for the most part, his house is underwater. As he holds onto the peak of the roof praying and trusting that God will rescue him a helicopter flies up to him. A person in the helicopter reaches out a hand and hollers for him to get in and they will take him to safety. He tells the helicopter people that he has been praying and he trust that God will rescue him. He sends the helicopter on it's way because he knows God is going to rescue him.

The man dies in the flood. When he gets to heaven and he sees God he doesn't understand. He asks why? Why did you not rescue me? I trusted you? I prayed and I believed that you would rescue me from the flood. God, replied I tried but you refused my help. I sent a raft and you turned down my help. I sent a boat and you still refused. I sent a helicopter and you still didn't see that it was I rescuing you.

God works through people. God works through ordinary everyday stuff. He fed thousands with the meal that one little boy had. He turned dirty water into the finest wine. Ordinary things. Ordinary people. God works through you and I to rescue, to love, to care for others.

Look for God in the people that you encounter. Try not to miss what God is doing around through common ordinary people and things.

Love today.

In Christ's love and mine,

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