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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What draws you?

I was reading a blog post by a good friend the other day and he quoted from a book he had read. The quote he shared said,"more people are won by Christian kindness, then by lofty words and clever speech."

It made me think about what it is that draws us to Jesus and to living out the faith. Is it lofty speeches? Is it because someone told you that you shouldn't live like you are living? Did someone scare you out of hell? Did someone scare you into heaven?

What draws you? What is it about living as a follower of Jesus that would draw others to that way of life? I think that it is Christian love and kindness. The Good News lived out in real and tangible ways. Kindness, gentleness, faithfulness, love, compassion. It is random asks of kindness that offer freedom to those who are imprisoned in live. Random loving acts that offer hope in hopeless situations. Random acts of compassion to offer release to the oppressed and sight to the sightless. Random acts of giving food to the hungry, drink to the thirsty, and rest to the weary. Coming along side people so that they can see that they are not alone that God has not abandoned them. Random acts of love that show people that Jesus is real and worth following. This draws people to Jesus. Real stuff, tangible stuff, love. It is Spirit filled, loving, compassionate, acts of kindness that draws us to want to live a new way of life. Not lofty word or clever speeches.

The bible says that we can only come to God when we are draw to God by the Spirit. The Spirit wants to dwell in us and work through each of. Jesus said that everyone would be able to tell who his followers where by their love. God is love. Random acts of kindness, compassion, and love draw people to God because God is love. When we do unselfish, grace-filled acts, that is the Spirit at work in us. On our own we would never do those things.

Some thought provoking questions:

What draws you to Jesus and to want to live your life for him?
Are you/I drawn to Jesus or are you just being "religious"?
Are you/I drawn to follow and trust Jesus?
What are you/I drawn to?
Are you/I compelled or drawn to love?

Love today. Get crazy and radical about your love. Make it tangible and real.

In Christ's love and mine,

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kathy madden said...

WOW. You must be reading my mind. The questions you posted are the questions that I wrote down to discuss in our cottage group Tuesday night. These questions are my motivation this week. I love Jesus, but I want to 'know' him.