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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Look for the Life Breaking Through

My grass is getting green!

Over the past few weeks as the snow has melted away and the rains have come with moments of sunshine my yard has begun to turn from brown to green. In the midst of the dead brown mud and muck are these new shoots of green blades of grass. Each time I look it seems that my yard is getting greener.

The mud is still there. There has not been enough sunshine to dry up all the moisture that we have had over the winter. But, the new life of my yard is still breaking through. The dead, brown, lifeless grass is still there. But, the new, green, full of life and hope grass is still breaking through.

Are you looking around you for the places that life is happening? Are you looking around you to see where God is at work creating and and recreating? Or, are you focused on the mud and the muck?

Take a look and see that life is breaking through the mud and the muck. God is there for you. God is here with us in our muck and mud. Look for where His life and light are breaking through the darkness.

Here is a place where life is breaking through. If you have read this blog very often you might be familiar with my friend Pastor Paul in Kenya. He and I have been brought together through this blog. Recently I have been praying for guidance on helping my friend who is handicap with his broken power chair. Last week someone emailed me and told me they had a chair he could have. Life is breaking through. Hope. This week I am trying to figure out how to get it to Paul. Shipping it is more expensive than a chair. In fact it is cheaper to fly Pastor Paul here to get the chair and take it home with him than it is to ship it to Kenya. From the first time Paul and I spoke he has said he believes that God will make a way for us to meet face to face and discuss how we can share in ministry together. In fact, Paul has always said when we meet then we can talk about the details. Maybe, God, breaking through. maybe, this is not an obstacle but an opportunity. Maybe, this is God's way of connecting me, the people of Dockery Chapel and the people of Pastor Paul's church in a life giving relationship with each other. I am just going to continue to look for what God can do and is doing. I am going to continue to look for where God is making new life happen in all this. Here is another amazing thing Paul has always felt that sometime in April or May the Lord would provide a way for us to meet in person and set down together. He and I have been praying for the Lord's will in this.

Look for ways that God is trying to give life to you today. Look for ways that God is breaking through the darkness. Look for God.

Love today.

In Christ's love and mine,

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