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Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I have been thinking a lot about Jesus being living water lately.  We are talking about Jesus as The Well for our lives at church so I am sure this is causing me to reflect about how I allow Jesus living water to flow in my life.  

Yesterday, got me thinking about how Jesus wants his living water to flow through our lives.  We are to live in the overflow.  I pulled into my driveway in middle of the afternoon.  The weather outside was beautiful.  It did not feel like January in Missouri at all.  The sun was shining and a breeze was gently blowing and then I noticed something that seemed out of place for the scene.  There was water crossing my driveway.  This was odd because there were no puddles anywhere else.  For the most part the ground was dry.   Yet, there was this patch  of  water that appeared to flow all the way across my gravel drive.  I got out of my truck and noticed that the water seemed to be coming from the old house that is at the front of our yard.  Last year we moved from the old parsonage to a new parsonage just behind the old house.   We have not yet removed the old house and I discovered that all though we had cut most of the utilities from the old house we had forgotten to cut the water off.  It seems that in our recent cold spell the pipes must have frozen and burst.

When I entered the house I could hear water just gushing forth from the pipes.  I noticed that the carpet was wet in one of the empty bedroom and ran down stairs.  All that I could hear was water rushing through the pipes and splashing against the walls.  When I got to the basement the floor was covered in several inches of water finally I made my way to the shut off and turned the handle until the sound of the rushing water finally stopped.  

Rushing, flowing, water, that is what Christ wants his living water to be in us.  Water that flows from us and makes an impact on the world around us.  Water the is noticeable.  Out of the ordinary.  Too often though we just act like that old basement.  We get filled with the water and then we shut the tap off.  We had a great experience with Christ that filled us but we stopped going to Him as our well.  Something stopped the flow.   

Do you have a flow of living water into and out of your life?   

If we don't have a continual inflow than we will become like that stale, musty, mildew growing basement.  We will eventually dry up and deteriorate.  Sometimes our "pipes" get "clogged" or they "freeze up" and the flow that was once there is stopped.  We need to continue to seek God as the source of our lives to sustain us and to provide for life.  

How is your flow?  Is it just trickling?  Is it a drip?  Or is the flow all that you can hear?  

The good news is that Jesus want his living water to burst through and flow like a river in our lives.  He wants to continually fill us with the water that will never leave us thirsty.  This old house reminds me that it is important that I keep an eye on how the water is flowing. 

Love today.

In Christ's love and mine,

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