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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Self-Control puts God in Control

I have been thinking about what it takes for us to give up control to God.  I think, I have discovered the answer and it seems to be different than I expected.  I know that it requires God working in me to give up control but, interestingly I believe the fruit of the Spirit that leads to giving control to God is self-control.

There is a direct link between self-control and giving God control of our lives.  Letting go requires self control.  We have to get ourselves out of the way.  We have to get out of the drivers seat.  We need to get ourselves under control so that we can let God have us.

The Good news is that this is a fruit of the Spirit.  This is what Christ will produce in us when we surrender and let him work in us.  God will do this.  If we want to give God control of our loves we need to ask him to give us self control.

I know it sounds easier than it is and that is because self control is not something that we are good at it is not from us it comes from God.  One day, one opportunity at a time.

Love today.

In Christ love and mine,

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