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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

In a Funk

I am in a funk today.  I did not sleep very well last night I was up thinking about people.  I was thinking about how we can so easily hurt one another.  I was up thinking about how much it hurts when are feelings are hurt by people whom we love and respect.  I was up praying for relationships that I know have been hurt and are hurting.  Today, I continue to pray.  I am praying my way out of the funk.  I am praying that God's love, grace, and forgiveness become all the more real in our relationships.

God created us as people with feelings and emotions.  Jesus shows us that feelings and emotion are not a bad thing.  Jesus wept, he got angry, he was hurt emotionally, because that comes with love.  Love hurt when the rich young man walked away.  Love hurt when those He came to save nailed him to the cross.  Love hurt when we hurt and and are hurt by others.

Love also heals.  Love reconciles. Love forgives.  Love keeps no records of wrongs. We are created for each other that is why when we do things that damage relationships they hurt so bad.  We are made for relationship with God and each other.  It is in these moments of hurt that we can most grow in our capacity to love.  It is the moments that offer our greatest opportunity to understand what grace is and to live by it.  It is in these moments of real, raw, emotional, relationship crossroads that we can understand more fully the cross of Christ and grow to be more like him.  Now, I don't wish relational hurts on anyone.  I pray that we can learn and grow like to be like Christ without causing emotional hurt and pain to one another.  I wish that we did not do things to hurt one another, but the truth is we do, we all fall short of the glory and a result of that is that not only do "bad" people do "bad" things but "good" people do "bad" things.  But, there is a bigger truth!  God can and will work to use these situations to help us to be more like him.  It begins by praying our way out of the funk.  Pray it all the way through until our hearts are like His.  Be reconciled.

Love today.

In Christ's love and mine,

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Mrs White said...

Thank you for this post. I related very much. God is definitely working on me and will continue. I often find myself in a Funk and it has been a constant struggle to forgive those that have hurt me. I pray about it and just when I think that I have forgiven, something happens to take me back and I think that maybe I really have not. Back to prayer I go. I want to forgive, I say that I forgive but how do you know when you have really forgiven? I'm working on it...and I know God will keep testing me so I know.