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Friday, February 27, 2009

100th Post!!! Thank God it's Friday!!!

Thank you God for the little celebrations that you give us in life!

I just love the little things that we can celebrate. Today is a day to celebrate at our house. Darbey turns 1/2 today. She is exactly six months old--her half birthday. She is such a joy and we celebrate this milestone in her young life.

Little things can mean so much. Little celebrations and moments of joy remind me that God is the source of all the joy. True joy, real joy comes from God.

Celebrate today. Find something in your life today that you can celebrate and give God thanks for. Celebrate little things like 100th post or half birthdays. Find something to celebrate, come on, you can do it. Celebrate life. Celebrate joy. Celebrate and give thanks to God for the joy that he provides. TGIF

Love today.

In Christ's love and mine,

1 comment:

Tammyb said...

HAPPY 1/2 DARBEY! You forgot to mention that Darbey had her FIRST pony tail yesterday.