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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Theology-- not a bad word

I remember when I started seminary I was told that "everyone is a theologian." I also remember when I heard that, I thought, "not me." "Me a theologian?"

What do you think of these statement?
"Everyone is a theologian."
"You are a theologian."

Theologians are people older and wiser than us, right? Theologians are people who write books and form belief. Me and you theologians? Yes.

Now before you start freaking out on me and stop reading let me explain a few things that lead me to believe that we are all theologians. And believe me I mean this is a good way. The best definition that I have for understanding theology is-- the study of God. Or better yet -- thinking about God. Talking about God. Theology is "God talk", God-study," learning about God, and thinking about God and God's ways.

I admit that my mind is not always on God. There are times that I just think about me. But, I try to think about God. I want to spend more time in my day focused on God and God's ways and God's desires than on my own. I want to be a theologian. A big reason why I do this blog is so that I might focus on God. Many of you tell me you read this as a way to focus your day on your relationship with God. This is theology. This is natural for all of us that want to live in relationship with God and want to encounter him in our everyday lives. We talk about God. We talk to God. We become students of God. We seek to learn from God. When we do those things we are theologians.

OK. Now that I put it that way don't stop because being a theologian is something you do not want to be. Embrace it. Turn your thoughts toward God. Think on the things of God. Meditate on God's word. The good news of all of this is that God's presence is not reserved for those who write the books and form theological opinions. We are all to be thinking, talking, and studying God in our lives. And we all do.

Have you turned your thoughts toward God and God's ways today?
Have you listened for the still, small voice?
Have you sought God's way? God's presence? God's purpose?

Turn your thoughts toward God today.

Love today.

In Christ's love and mine,

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