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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Our Daily Bread

I spoke with someone today that lived during the great depression. We spoke about how times are difficult now and how people are talking about the possibilities of another depression. My first thought was this person should not have to experience that twice in a lifetime. My next thought was you have lived a good, long life when you get to see history repeat itself.

But than I asked her about the depression and she said "you know what times were tough but we had what we needed to get by. God took care of us. We didn't know any different."

We talked about how life would be a lot tougher if we didn't have God with us and how hard it must be for people without God in their lives.

This made me thank about the prayer that Jesus taught us to pray and how we are to ask God to "give us our daily bread." I think this means that we are to lean on God for what we need for today. We can trust God to provide what we need for today. God will take care of us. I think that it is interesting that Jesus didn't tell us to pray for a weeks worth, a months worth, or a years worth. He said pray, "give us today our daily bread." Just give us what we need to get by today. Tomorrow we will deal with tomorrow. Toady's needs are enough for today. I think this teaches us to lean on God and trust God everyday. When we do this, I think, it helps us to know that God cares about us, that God provides for us and we can trust God in good times and difficult times to give us what we need for today.

What daily needs do you need to trust God for?

What are some things that you fret and worry about that might not be what you need for today?

Love today.

In Christ's love and mine,

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Tammyb said...

You really don't want my list do you? I know exactly the great lady you talked to today. I am better for having met her when I started attending Dockery. She is a true inspiration of how we should live our lives. I love her to pieces. I've never heard her complain about anything. She takes the life she is dealt and makes the best of it and loves every minute, or if she doesn't, she will never let you know.