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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Live like the Tomb is Empty

I wonder if I live my life like it is the Saturday before Easter or if I live like the tomb is empty. Do I live on this side of Easter, with the promise of the empty tomb and the resurrection, or do I live like the resurrection has not happened yet? Do I claim the promise of the cross but not live the new life that is promised on Easter?

Saturday people live thinking there can be no change, that all hope is lost, that they can have no impact on the world and life is just passing by one day at a time until it is over. Easter people believe in the possibility of today. Easter people see the the presence of the risen Lord and understand that all things are possible in Christ. Easter people die to self and live for Christ. Easter people offer hope, grace, and forgiveness. Easter people love and care for others. Easter people live for the transformation of the world one human heart at a time. Easter people live. Have you heard the country song, by Tim McGraw, Live Like you Where Dying? Easter people live like they are dying knowing that Christ has overcome death and sin.

Living on this side of Easter we need to:
Love deeper
speak sweeter
give forgiveness we have denied
read the good Book
take good hard long look at what we do

Love today.

In Christ love and mine,

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