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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thursday- Do this in Rememberance

Today is Thursday. I woke this morning thinking about the Thursday of Holy Week for Jesus. It was on Thursday, when he knew that his time was short, that he got together and had a meal with his close friends. They all got together in the upper room and it was at this meal that Jesus gives us the sacrament of communion.

There is something about a meal that brings us together. Last night after the wedding everyone got together for a meal and we talked and shared, not just a meal, but our lives with each other. I think something special happens, maybe we drop our guards or lift our mask a little when we are eating, but we are more intimately connected over a meal. I think Jesus knew that.

Do you need to take someone out for lunch or for dinner? Is there someone that you just fell you need to connect to and deepen your relationship with. Is there a fence that you need to mend or an apology you want to make? Is there encouragement you want to offer? Invite someone out for a meal. Invite them to your house. Fellowship in the name of Jesus.

Meals can be Holy. God can do special things in a common and ordinary meal.

Love today.

In Christ's love and mine,


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