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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

No blog yesterday

I was unable to post yesterday. The day got busy and I by the time things slowed down I wasn't quite sure what to say. All I could really say was "thank you God for being with us."

Just as I logged on to do my post yesterday I received a call at the office from Nicole. She was worried because she had heard that there might be a problem at the kid's school. I began to pray and went to see Nicole to decide what to do. We went and picked up our kids just before the school was evacuated because they had received a bomb threat.

You think stuff like this only happens some where else. You think that it can't happen in your town. I am grateful that it turned out to just be at threat. I am thankful that no matter what God was with us. I am thankful that in our very real fear as parents we felt the presence of God. I am thankful that God was presence with the kids at the school in the midst of their fears.

I know that today there is still some fear and anxiety. I know that today is still a little tense. But, today we can thank God and lean into his presence. We can pray for one another. Love another. Care for one another. Help one another see that God is with us. Lean on Jesus today and everyday. Thank you God for being with us always!

Love today.

In Christ's love and mine,

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