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Thursday, May 21, 2009

I am for the underdog

Last night was Father & Son night at the new K. A group of us took our sons to the Royals baseball game on the last day of school. We had a blast and really enjoyed the new stadium. If you get a chance to go this year it is really a good time. (the church trip will be rescheduled soon!) Although the Royals did not win it was still fun rooting and cheering them on in the ninth as they almost made the comeback for the second night in a row.

This morning I find out that (spoiler alert!!!!! spoiler alert!!!!!) the underdog Kris Allen on American Idol won!

My thought today is that God is on the side of the underdog and we ought to be as well.

I think about how the crowd was on their feet in the bottom of the ninth with the Royals trailing. I think about everyone chanting "Lets Go Royals" and cheering them on. The stadium was filled with energy and excitement as the Royals tried to muster up another rally.

God is cheering each of us along. God is your biggest fan.

I think that this is understood and seen most clearly in his love for the underdog. I am not saying God doesn't love the front runner. God loves everyone. But we can see clearly God's love and grace in understanding that God is for the underdog. He calls us to be for those who are left out and left behind. We are called to cheer on the ones that no one else is cheering for so that they might her God calling their name and see Christ's love. We need to see that we are all the underdog and that God loves us all.

Cheer each other along today. Support the underdog.

Love today.

In Christ's love and mine,

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