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Thursday, May 7, 2009

National Day of Prayer

Today is National Day of prayer. I was thinking about what to post this morning. At first I was going to share a prayer written by me. Then I read some prayers written by a guy named Paul Chilcote in a book called "Praying in the Wesleyan Spirit." I thought about sharing one of his prayers that he has written based on the sermons of John Wesley. However, I realized as I spent time reflecting this morning that what I needed to encourage today was prayer.

Today is a day to encourage all of us to turn to God. While a prayer written by me or someone else can help us to do that I want to encourage you today to pray. Tell God what is on your heart and on your mind. Tell God about your dreams and ambitions. Tell God about your concerns and your fears. Speak to God about what is going on and what you want to have go on. Speak to God about your relationships, your work, your home life, your finances. Speak to God about your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers. Speak to God about what you desire and what He desires for you. Pray today. Turn to God with everything. Most of all listen for God to speak to you. Listen with your ears, your eyes, and your heart. Pray. Pray for you. Pray for me. Pray for all of God's children.

You have a direct line to God. Pray today.

Love today.

In Christ's love and mine,

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