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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Little Windows

Where I am sitting today it is a beautiful day. I can look out the window and catch a glimpse of the sunshine. I can see flowers that are blooming and I can see the birds feeding on feeders. It is a beautiful day. As I set here I am drawn to a couple of thoughts:

The first is one on perspective. Everyday is a beautiful day. I recently talked about how there is always good and bad going and all the time. It is never all good and it is never all bad. The Kingdom of God is growing in the midst of the kingdom of the world. Perspective is important. What are we looking at? What gets our attention? What do we focus on? Do we look for the good? Do we look from the perspective of Jesus? Do we see others as Jesus sees them? Do we look at our world through the eyes of heaven. We can choose the perspective that we look at our world and our lives through.

The second thought is on windows. I talked on Mother's Day about how mothers can be little windows by which we can get a glimpse of God love through. In motherly love, we see a small bit of what God 's love for us is. All of us, as we live our lives have the opportunity to be a window into the love of God. There are lots of different kinds of windows. In the 80' when I started driving the thing to do was tint your windows. Get them as dark as you could with out getting a ticket for being to dark. The idea was to get them so you couldn't see through them. How much "tint" do I have on the window that I am to God's love? Do I allow God's love to flow through me so that other can catch a glimpse of God's love?

How do you choose to look at the world today? What do you want others to see as they encounter you?

Love today.

In Christ's love and mine,

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