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Monday, May 18, 2009

Time Off

You might have noticed that I took a little time off from blogging over the past week. (Thank you to those that noticed.) Although, I did not set out at the beginning of the week to take time away from posting I soon discovered that it was time for a break.

Last week was a week that my focus and attention was elsewhere. More than ever, I needed to constantly focus on my relationship with God and lean on Jesus. However, I was unable to use a daily blog as a means to do it. My friends in this local community are aware that we lost the week began with the lose of Bryce Wells. Bryce is the son of my friends Adrain and Tyann. Bryce was 22 and we celebrated his life on Wednesday of last week. The love and support that has been shown to the family has been nothing short of amazing. There were over 700 people at the church Sunday night for his visitation and then almost 500 for his celebration of life service. Please continue to pray for this family during this difficult time. Help them to feel and know the comfort of Christ in their lives.

It was not that I could not have posted, it was just that I felt God nudging me to take the week off. So, I listened. That is a good lesson to learn. I also think it is a hard one to learn. The lesson that when God nudges you listen.

Do you know what I mean? God nudges. We get a since we should do something. Call someone. Write a letter. Send an email. Do something for someone. It is just a nudge, a feeling that we need to do something. As quickly as it comes it is gone. It was just a nudge. An inkling. A hunch. Could it have been God? Do we listen? Do we ignore? What do we do?

How do we know if it is God? I know that is what everyone is asking. How do we know that it is not? Is it consistent with God word? Who does it benefit? Who will get the glory? If the answer to the last two questions are "me." Then it is not God nudging us. But if it is consistent with God's word, others are benefited, and God will receive than glory than it is a good bet (not that I am a betting man) that it is God nudging us.

The nest step is that we listen. God nudges...we listen..we do.

God is nudging me to get folks together to help our brothers and sisters recently effected by the storms. I will be sharing more on this and be asking for your help in days to come.

Love today.

In Christ's love and mine,

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