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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Full Surrender

There is a line in the song,"In the middle" that says, "how close can I get to my surrender without losing all control?"

That is the question isn't it. We want to surrender our lives to God and give all to him, but we struggle with giving up control. We want to trust God, but we want to do it on our terms. We want to follow him as long as he goes where we want to go. We want to surrender, but not to the extent that we don't have control anymore.

I mean, if we gave up control than what would happen? If we didn't manage everything who would? If we surrender everything to God and just followed than what if..? What if it gets out of control? What if something happens that I hadn't anticipated? What if we discovered that we were really never in control at all?

I think we will discover freedom. God will do something that we could never do. God will do something amazing. God will do something miraculous. God will show us that he has always been in control. We will see God. God will change our heats. God will change our minds. God will change us from the inside out. God will overcome the obstacles that we have been tripping over. God will tear down the walls that we have been banging our heads into. All we need to do is surrender fully.

Too often when we get close to that full surrender place with God our need for control tells us to retreat. The devil creeps onto our shoulder and tells us that we "need to be in control" or "we are weak if we surrender. " Or the devil is even more sneaky, "he tells us that we are not hearing it right", "we know better", or "it is someone else who need to surrender not us." There are lots of ways and excuses that we come up with to maintain our control and not fully surrender. All the while we miss out on fully experiencing the grace and power of God because we want to call the shots. We want to surrender but not surrender control.

God really does know what is best for us. God really is love. Why not let him have full control. God is better qualified to lead us than we are.

Love today.

In Christ's love and mine,

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