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Friday, November 6, 2009

Thank's Friday

This month is Thanksgiving month. Last year at this time was when I decided that each week I would devote at least one day of this blog to giving thanks to God. the idea was that all of life should be thanksgiving. What prompted me was that far too often, even though I know I should be thankful and I know that God deserves the thanks, I fail to be thankful and say to God thank you.

Worst yet, I take the credit. I say that this happen because I am so good or because I worked so hard. The reality is all good and perfect things come from God. Apart from God I can do nothing. God is the one who needs thanked.

Thanks is due everyday. Not just on Friday. Not just when I can see all the good. Not just when I fell good. God deserves our gratitude.

Find something today that you are grateful for and give God thanks. Tomorrow do it again. Begin to live a life of thanksgiving. Recognize the source of life. Recognize the giver.

Please share what you are thankful in a comment.

Love today.

In Christ's love and mine,


Tammyb said...

I am thankful for a healthy grandbaby - Paisley Madison and that my husband and my son-in-law have made it safely home from traveling across the nation this week. Thank you God!

Renea Lynch said...

I'm a day late, but still thankful. ;)

♥ Thankful that Roger has been sharing his wisdom with us during bible study on Wacky Wednesdays. I've enjoyed it sooo much!

♥ Thankful that when the racoon trashed my studio.... again.... that I still didn't have any of my personal belongings destroyed. Just the landlord's building. :) lol Keeping her in my prayers.