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Friday, November 13, 2009

Thanksliving -- TGIF

Life is a response to God.

God creates us and our lives are a response to being created by God. We sometimes respond by saying "thanks for creating me, now I will take it from here." Sometimes we respond by forgetting about the gift of life altogether. Sometimes we fail to even see our lives as a gift. Sometimes we live as if there is no God and life is just, well, it... it just is. Life is not just is.

What if we saw life as a gift that has been given to us? What if we saw each day as an opportunity given to us to live in response to a God who loves us so much that he gave us this day? What if we saw each sunrise and each sunset as a precious gift. What if we saw each breath that we breathed as a wonderful present? What if we viewed each relationship and each encounter with others in our day as a sacred offering to us? What if we viewed every moment as a moment to encounter God in the midst of this gift called life? If we viewed life as a response to God would we be thanksliving?

Today is a day that God has given you. Will you respond to the gift and live for God today? Will you respond to the gift by recognizing the giver? Our response is really to give our lives back to God, to say thank you by offering the day to God. Offering our relationship, each moment, ( good or bad) to God knowing that he will continue to work in our lives if we let him. Our response is to give it all to him. This is thanksliving.

Thank God today. Love today.

In Christ love and mine,

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