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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Writting Theologically

I am a believer that all people are theologians. All of us thinks about, talk about, and study God. Each and everyone of us are theologians. This week along with Thanksgiving and preparing for the Advent season I am also finishing up my ordination paperwork. This means I have to write theologically. Although, I say we are all theologians and I also believe that we all think, talk, and study God. I have difficulty writing this type of paperwork. I feel a pressure to write using the big words of my scholarship (I am talking about the stuff I learned in seminary). I feel pressure to be deep and thought provoking, with proper sentence structure and a weighty words.

This is not like my normal writing or my normal talking about God. I almost need to put on a different hat, a scholarly hat, rather than the one I wear most days. I wonder if this is wrong? I wonder if the hat I wear everyday should be the scholarly one? I don't think that it is. I do study God everyday and I do think about and talk about God everyday. My study has given me knowledge and the words to shape my experiences and encounters with God. My study has given me knowledge and understanding to take that which is deep and profound, the stuff of God, and understand it, and what it means, in my daily walking around life. It enables me to see God and know God in a down to earth way.

Soteriology, eschatology, atonemment, incarnation, depravity and many other large words that I have learned impact me daily and I need to be able to speak about them in a practical way. As I write these theological papers I understand more fully the need to be able to speak about God in everyday language and in our everyday lives. God desire is that we know him, not just about him. What we learn and say about God should speak toward knowing him more fully and deeply.

So, I apologize if some of the big words slip in this week, I am thinking about their meaning as I write my ordination paperwork. I also apologize to the folks that will read my ordination paperwork for those times that mt earthy language and writing sound less than scholarly. I also am thankful that God comes to earth. I am thankful that we encounter Almighty, all-knowing, all-powerful God in the stuff of our daily lives. I am thankful that God desired that we know him so much that he became like us. Talked like we talk, lived like we live, suffered like we suffer...all so that we could know that the God who created everything wants to live in relationship with us everyday.

Something to think about.

Love today.

In Christ's love and mine,

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