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Thursday, December 30, 2010

God does hear our prayers

I believe that God hears us when we pray. I also believe that God answers every prayer that is prayed. I wish that I always understood his answer but I don't. I wish that I could always say that I see exactly what God's answer is, but I can't. I do however believe and I am assured that God does hear and answer all of our prayers. Maybe not how we want him to or even how we can understand but he does answer. Every time.

I trust when I pray that God hears.
I trust when i pray that God knows best.
I trust God knows, better than me, what is really needed. What healing is needed. What comfort, what strength, what-- whatever it is that is really needed.
I trust God answers every time. God's way not mine.

God does not ignore us when we pray he listens and he answers.

When my prayers are not answered the way I hope it does not mean that God didn't care or listen or answer me. It just means I don't understand. I pray that I can become more comfortable with not leaning on my own understanding. And I know God hears that prayer and is answering it.

Love today.

In Christ's love and mine, Doug


John Morrow said...

No offence Doug, but it seems that what you are saying is that we have no way of knowing whether God listens or not.

If we pray, say for a sick person to get well, and nothing happens, is God not listening? Is he listening and doing nothing? Is he listening and doing something but we can't tell? Or is he not even there to listen at all?

Doesn't seem to be much difference between those 4 scenarios.

Doug Franklin said...

What I am saying is I believe that God answers every prayer. God does hear every prayer. God never ignores us. I am saying that I know and trust that. I don't trust that I always see the answer. I don't trust that I know best what that answer should be but I do trust that God does and that he answers.

If I pray for a sick person to get well and that person doesn't get well in the way that I was wanting, it does not mean that God didn't answer my prayer. It does not mean God ignored me. I trust that God answered my prayer. I trust that God knows better than me what it means to make a sick person well. And God answered my prayer.

What I have seen, and in my life at times have done, is when we pray we say if God answers in the way that I want than he heard my prayer and he answered, but if God does not answer in the way that I think he should than he didn't hear and he didn't answer. So, God hearing and answering is based upon whether he answers the way we want him to answer. This puts God in a box.

I am suggesting that I try not to put God in my own little box when I pray. I just trust that he answers every prayer. Every time.

This might clear it up. Could muddy the waters.