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Friday, December 10, 2010

It is all about Jesus

As I get ready for Christmas, I keep having a reoccurring thought. It is not a knew thought. It is nothing I came up with. It is something that we hear all the time. It is insinuated in phrases like, "the reason for the season" and "the true meaning of Christmas." The thought that is continually part of my reflection about how I prepare for and celebrate Christmas is,"it is all about Jesus."

We have a tendency to make it about so many other things than Jesus. We have talked at church about how this time can become all about retail sales and consumerism. We will make it about presents and not about Jesus. This time of year we can make about ourselves, or about Santa. We can make this time of year about tinsel and lights and decorations. We can make this time of year about stress and worry and frustration. It can be a time of pain and grief.

Yes, we have a tendency to make Christmas about so many other things than Jesus.

Yet, it is all about Jesus. It is about Jesus entering our world. It is about Jesus coming to save us from our sins that separates us from God and to save us from ourselves. It is about worshiping Jesus and giving thanks to Jesus. It is about celebrating Jesus who is light in our darkness. Who comforts those who mourn and gives strength to the weak. It is all about Jesus. It is all about Jesus. IT IS ALL ABOUT JESUS.

I don't write this to beat up the world and create an "us vs. them" thing. I am not writing these words to be on some Christian high horse. I am reflecting within myself about how I might allow Christmas to change my world. The world in me. The world I live in. I know that it easier to talk about what Christmas is suppose to be about than it is to celebrate it in a way that honors and lifts up Jesus rather than other stuff. It is easy to say that it all about Jesus. And it is easy to celebrate it like it is all about us and our traditions.

What can we do to make sure that we don't make it about something that it is not about? What do we do when everyone else around us and our family is pointing at and lifting up other things beside Jesus? I think this is deeper than just the language that we use in talking about the season. What will I celebrate and worship? What will I lift up? What will I do? So, that my heart and at the core of my being I am living that it is all about Jesus.

It is all about Jesus.

Love today.

In Christ's love and mine,

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