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Monday, June 15, 2009

Get plugged in

My toaster will not work if it is not plugged. The bread will go down but it will not pop up. When I finally force the lever up so my bread comes out it is not toast because my toaster doesn't work if it is not plugged in. The toaster cannot fulfill it purpose until it gets plugged in.

I (we) are like my toaster. I (we) can not fulfill our purpose if we are unplugged from the source of our power.

God is our power source. Life and the stuff of this world can drain the power out of you and me. We need to constantly be connecting to our power source. We need to pray, worship, meditate on scripture and spend time with other followers of Jesus so that we get plugged into the power source.

How is you connection today? What is coming out of you? Is the power source producing in you good fruit. Are you becoming more loving, more kind, more joyful, more peaceful, more patient, and more gentle? Our you fulfilling the purpose for which you were designed? Do you want to experience God's power in your life?

Get plugged in. Pray. Worship. Be in Gods pressence.

Love today.

In Christ's love and mine,

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