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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

God is not a fun hater.

How long can three kids ride in an tube behind a boat?

The answer (at least for three of my kids)-- as long as you will let them!!!

Tucker, Tanner and Delaney spent over three hours riding around the lake in the tube and they showed no signs of letting up. They had smiles plastered on their faces the whole time.

Today was a beautiful day. We had a morning bike ride. We spent a little time just relaxing and doing close to nothing (loved it!). I watched Darbey discover grass with her feet and crawl around on the cool green stuff in amazement at this new sensation. I was reminded, as I delighted in Darbey, of how God delights in us. We got together with our good friends here at the lake and went for the boat ride and tubing. It was really a beautiful day. The weather was wonderful too!

As we road on the boat and were having such fun I was very aware of God being present with us and that God is present with us when we are having fun. I was thankful for this awareness today. God wants us to have fun. God made the fun that we were having possible. God put these friends in our life and they were going out of their way to love us as family and to make this a fun and enjoyable day. I thought about how too often we separate fun and spiritual. Yet God is with us on a boat, tubing across the lake having fun and delighting in the moments that we share as family. Jesus first miracle was a miracle that extended the party! God is not a fun hater. God wants us to have fun and to be aware of his presence in the happy, joyful, fun times of life.

Love today.

In Christ's love and mine,

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Kadi said...

That does sound like a REALLY GREAT day!! Glad you all are lovin' it :)