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Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Is it accountability or is it judgment? Jesus did make some strong statements about judging others. The long and short -- don't do it, it is not our job.

There is a fine line between judging and holding someone accountable. I have come up with my own rule on this. If someone has not asked me to help them be accountable to something and I just offer my two cents, than that is me judging. Offering unsolicited critic of someones life is judgment.

Accountability comes when two people have agreed to an accountable relationship. It comes when I ask you to help me to stay true to something and you agree to help me in that. Accountability is a partnership. Without the partnership it is judgment.

Do you have an accountability partner? Do you have someone who you can trust to have your best interest in mind and will speak the truth in love? Having someone to help you in your relationship with Jesus is a vital and important thing. It is a good discipline. I want to encourage you to find someone who you trust and ask them to go on the journey with you and to help you be accountable. Offer to help them be accountable as well. And please, don't go around giving everybody your two cents worth about their lives unless they ask. Love.

Love today.

In Christ's love and mine,

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